Monday, January 25, 2010

Tonga JUST DOESN'T "GET IT " !!!!!!!

Pulupaki sails, ignoring detainment order, after expert declares ferry beyond repair

25 Jan 2010, 23:45

Nuku'alofa, Tonga:

ONLY five months after the tragic sinking of the Ashika in August 2009 with the loss of 74 lives, a second Tongan ferry is in trouble, an inquiry learned today, when it was told that the privately-owned MV Pulupaki had sailed at the weekend - after its owners, who include a member of parliament, ignored a detainment order from the Ministry of Transport.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

An "OLD DOG" learns new tricks

well almost ... i can download pictures but NOT put them in the order i want ... hmmm
soooo the sunset is at the BOTTOM and as you glance up you will see the moon rise then set and the first picture is of the first sunrise of the NEW DECADE


I certainly wish i could figure out how to download photos onto this blog.
Over the Christmas holiday there were so many good pictures taken ... but the BEST were on New Years Eve.
Several Peace Corps Volunteers and quite a few towniees camped out on the beach together.
Tonga was the first place on planet earth to say good bye to 2009 and the first place on the planet to welcome the new year.
This year December had two full moons, special enough; but the second full moon came on new years eve. It was KraZy watching the sun melt into the sea to the west followed soon after by the full moon rising in the east. The party with camp fires and flame throwing dances went throughout the night. Then at days break when the sky began to lighten up the full moon sank into the sea to the west at the same time that the sun rose in the EAST ... omg ... A MOST AUSPICIOUS OCCASION .... pictures to follow ... someday !!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BANG, BANG !!!!!

Tonga is a nation that outlaws GUNS.
As far as I know there are few private individuals that have guns. There is however in every town someone with a rifle that you can pay to shoot your pig and of course the Civil Defense Force has guns to ward off any invasions.
Any other guns are illegal !!!!!
I have to admit that there is a wonderfulness about the fact that getting shot at is something you don't have to worry about in the KINGDOM.
NOW comes Christmas ..... it seems that for the second year running (this is my second Christmas here) TOY GUNS are the number one gift to both boys and girls. Tomorrow the streets will be filled with gunfighters both walking the streets and riding in the back of trucks. This will go on in a state of frenzy until the Chinese toys break, which will not be long after the New Year.
I'm not a psychologist .... but there is something innate about "BANG BANG" that gives a strange joy. I have been in other "third world countries were the fascination is played out with real weapons and THAT REALITY kills for real. The plastic guns in Tonga will soon be part of the landfill but what happens to those "BANG BANG " moments for the next 11 months ???????????????